• We offer the destination country, clear it through customs and then deliver it direct to the door at the destination address.

Covers pickup from door at the originating address and transporting it to a depot at, or in the area of, the destination port or airport. Rego Cargo's responsibility ends at this point; it is your responsibility to clear your shipment through customs, to arrange the pickup of the goods and pay any local charges.


If you require storage prior to shipment, we will be pleased to assist you. Our storage facilities are secure and you can rest assured of the safety of your effects whilst they are in our care.
Our warehouse has always been an example of security and organisation. All of the warehouses, are perfectly equipped so that your furniture and personal effects are maintained in a perfect state during the time that our customer desires.

Our furniture storage service is characterized by:

    -Independent rooms where your furniture and personal effects can be stored
    -Room sizes from 10 to 50m3, depending on your needs.
    -Furniture and effects kept under lock and key.
    -Our warehouses are permanently watched over.
    -Strict sanitary controls are complied with in both storage areas and our vehicles.
    -We have protective measures against fire.
    -We transport and store your belongings with our fleet of vehicles with no preoccupations for       yourself.

Tip: In most cases, storage is far less expensive at the point of origin than at the destination.

Our standard tariff, as quoted on this site, is based on the following criteria;

  • The weight of a single item must not exceed 30kg
  • No item will have a single dimension greater than 68 Inches
  • No item will have a girth greater than 91 Inchs (L + W + H = girth)

We will try wherever possible to give you a price if you have completed the registration process and included the item in your details.
We also accept suitcases, backpacks, snow boards, skis, bicycles, golf clubs and holdalls. For items not listed, if you provide us with the measurements (length, width and height), this allows us to give an accurate quote. The charges will vary according to the size of the item. If you lock the suitcase, please send the keys, attached to the suitcase either with tape or a chain. The reason is that customs perform random inspections, and if inspecting a locked suitcase, the lock may be broken.
Unlike our competitors, we process all your paperwork and label all your packages, saving you the stress of complicated jargon and confusing paperwork, so all you need to do is pack your goods into a suitable box.


Our crews are trained in the most up to date moving and packing techniques. Our professional packing service is the best way of ensuring that your personal effects are packed quickly and safely. From the protection of Polished Soft woods and Delicate Antiques through to the packing of Fine china and Crystal ware.We can offer a door to door service around the E.U, with experience in countries such as France, Spain & Germany.
For further a field, for example Australia or Canada, we have good working relationships with overseas agents and removal companies. We can assist you with the procedures for documentation and customs. We can advise you of any items that are prohibited in the country you are relocating to. Use our Export packing service and your items will be individually packaged, to ensure that they are given the best possible protection whilst in transit.

If you chose the Self pack option, we can supply you with a range of packing materials to meet your needs.

Book Cartons, Carbureted Sheet, Bubble-wrap, Packing Paper, Fragile tape.


We can arrange for cargo insurance for all your transportation requirements to all destinations and for all types of cargo.
Insurance packages can range from full coverage that encompasses the entire cost of your purchase or minimal coverage that encapsulates only certain components. We work with a large number of insurance companies to ensure that we can offer the best possible rates to our customers.


Text Box: Special Handling  Flowers  Perishables  Seafood  Animals  Hazardous Materials  UASecure (high value shipments)  TempControl (temperature-sensitive)