Rego Shipping & Logistics, our predecessor company, has been an official International Air Transportation Association (IATA) Cargo Agent. And we have always strived to provide the most effective and efficient service for all our customers.

We handle the following cargo on a daily basis:

  • Small and large shipments (including ULD (Unit Load Devices))
  • Door to Door delivery
  • Dangerous Goods, Refrigerated, Oversized, and Specialized Cargo
  • Consolidation and deconsolidation of shipments
  • On-site container freight station to facilitate cargo handling
  • Special hand luggage shipments




One important value added service that many companies do not provide to their customers is a cost/benefit analysis. Because we are equally adept at ocean and air shipments, we can quickly cost out both modes of transportation and provide the customer with our analysis as to which mode would be better suited for their needs. For instance, even if a shipment is needed urgently, the cost of shipping it via air may not be as beneficial as shipping it via ocean. Not only can we provide this analysis, we also go the extra mile and make suggestions to the customer on how to ship it and when to ship it.

Express & Economy Air Freight
We provide secure, reliable and efficient air freight, with express delivery times ranging from 3-5 days, and economy from 7-10 days.

Please note:
Online quotations do not include additional charges such as Shipping Line handling, customs or storage fees, import duties or VAT (if any) at the destination port.
Your quotation is valid for 7 days only and is subject to space availability on the flight of your chosen destination.
Please note that all quotes on our website are limited to 30 kilos per box.
Delivery time for  Door to port vary depending on destination, please check with our Branch Offices/Support Offices.