Rego Cargo Group has its roots dating back to 1992, when the Mr. Jürgen Fuerst started Rego Logistics Co. To handle Logistics needs of German customers. Later, a new reform took place when Rego Logistics turned into a Banyan tree named Rego Cargo Group. To handle freight forwarding needs from German customers who were looking to export from Germany, Our brand (Rego Shipping) is on duty. By building his European cargo connections, Fuerst was able to partner with large European trading companies who were purchasing forestry products to export from Canada. As the years went by, Fuerst also started a pre-eminent container facility station (CFS) which handled the loading and unloading of ocean containers.
In 2004, Rego Cargo Group was awarded a permission to transact business as a customs broker with Canada Customs / Canada Border Services Agency. This turned the customs clearance industry in Canada around as our entry spurred immediate gains in our business since customs clearance was a largely forgotten industry. By combining all operations under one banner, Rego Cargo Group provides services second to none in Europe.


The Mr. Fuerst incorporates Rego Cargo, a Logistics company in Frankfurt.


Rego Cargo successfully signs long term freight forwarding contracts with a large number of European Trading Companies to provide export services for forestry products to Canada.


Rego Cargo becomes I.A.T.A. Cargo Agent.


Sea-Air program initialized.


Rego Terminals is founded by the Mr. Fuerst to provide CFS (Container Freight Station), warehousing, and storage solutions in Vancouver, BC, Canada.


Rego Cargo moves into 275 West 1st Avenue on a 3.84 acre facility specifically designed to handle bulk cargo.


Rego Cargo inaugurates regular LCL and FCL cargo from Singapore to New York.


Rego Cargo opens branch office in Toronto and New York.


Rego Cargo opens partner office in Barcelona.


Rego Cargo Group moves to 11 new offices rebranded under the Rego Cargo Group umbrella organization.


Rego Cargo Group turns head to Sydney, one of most busy ports in the World.


Rego Cargo Group opens a retail business service centre in downtown Cape town.

2012       Rego Cargo Shifts its head office to Mexico.
More locations are adding..